After 50 years traveling to the world's diamond centers, we have a lifetime of expertise dedicated to the profession that is linked to the next generation.

This way we can ensure that the Suarez diamond is unique: it has life, brilliance and color. A precious stone that is pure light. However, not all are the same; With decades of experience and high standards at the time of selection, Suarez diamonds reach the highest quality standards.

Not in vain, the family, led by Don Benito Suárez, has spent almost five decades personally traveling to places of origin, such as Antwerp, Bombay or Hong Kong, to find the best diamonds. A raw material that speaks for itself, with a unique radiance.

In this way, Suarez reflects the tradition and know-how in iconic jewelry that is worked with passion to perfect and evolve each of our icons.

4 C's

Diamonds are examined according to selection requirements based on cut, size, weight, color and purity that certify their excellence. Following these rigorous criteria, in Suarez 99.5% percent are discarded.

Diamonds share 4 qualities, the 4Cs, which are global standards for evaluating their quality. The 4 qualities are:


The size refers to the relationship of the facets with light.



Purity is determined by the diamond's inclusions.



Carats measure the weight of a diamond, it is the most determining factor in estimating its price.



Color is the natural hue inherent to white diamonds.



The Suárez family, gemologists graduated from the GIA, buys the diamonds directly at the place of origin. All Suarez diamonds meet the conditions of the “Kimberley Treaty” (certification system for international trade in diamonds not from conflict countries).

In addition, all center diamonds from 0.20 carats are accompanied by an official international certification and have the certificate number laser engraved on the ring.

The weight of diamonds is measured in carats (1 carat=0.20 grams). According to the official grading used by the GIA, it is located between D- River and I-Top Crystal. The purity is also among the highest on the scale, IF Ð SI1.

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“An icon is determined by time and the client. Harmony and proportion are very important.”

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How is a diamond created?

Diamond is a natural mineral composed of 99% carbon that originates at extreme temperature and pressure, crystallizing in a cubic shape. To date, it is considered the hardest mineral in the Earth's crust, with a value of 10 on the Mohs scale.

How to care for a diamond?

Diamonds are usually set in open structures so that light can pass through them, for this reason, dust and dirt can accumulate. We recommend that you do a periodic cleaning in any of our boutiques so that the stone shows all its shine.

If you want to clean your diamond at home, we recommend using neutral soap and a soft-toothed brush to reach all corners of the jewel.

What is the origin of the Suarez diamonds?

Our diamonds arrive directly from the stock exchanges of Antwerp, Bombay, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and New York. All of them meet the conditions of the Kimberley Treaty (certification system for the international trade of diamonds not from countries in conflict).

The Suárez family buys the raw materials personally, discarding 99.5% of the diamonds they are analyzed. One by one, all stones are examined by our expert gemologists to ensure they meet Suarez's demanding quality standard.

What does the price of a diamond depend on?

To measure the quality of a diamond, several characteristics must be taken into account. The best known that determine the price of each stone are the 4Cs: Weight (carat), Color (color), Purity (clarity) and Cut (cut).

  • The weight, measured in carats, is the first thing that determines the price of the diamond. The higher the carat, in most cases, the higher its value.
  • Color is measured with the letters of the alphabet, from D (the best color) to Z. The closer it is to D, the whiter and colorless it will be, so its value will increase.
  • Purity is measured based on its inclusions, taking into account their color, location and size. The fewer impurities, the greater the value of the piece.
  • The cut of the diamond influences how it reflects light. The quality of the cut, symmetry and polishing are also determining characteristics.

How is the value of a diamond certified in Suarez?

All Suarez diamonds from 0.20 carats are accompanied by a certificate that includes the characteristics and quality of the diamond. Currently, we work with three institutions: GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute) and HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant, located in Antwerp).

Diamonds below this carat weight ( from 0.15 carats), are delivered with the Suarez Certificate endorsed by the brand's expert gemologists.

What qualities of diamond does Suarez work with?

In Suarez, diamonds are worked with color from D to I (inclusive) and purity from IF to SI1. Inclusions are never visible to the naked eye and all our sizes are Excellent and Very Good.