Suarez's big previous event in Barcelona as an introduction to the great celebration of the 80th anniversary.

Great moments always require a prior context for their introduction. In the case of our 80th anniversary, a very special event was created at the Barcelona flagship store located at Pg. de Gràcia 82.

The main protagonist, as in the case of the first official event of the 80th anniversary in Madrid, was the High Jewelry collection accompanied by our indispensable raw materials. Two of the great values ​​that have managed to differentiate us and elevate us to the maximum expression of luxury.

Tris, Daphne, Hexágonos, Dicentra, Marquise and Decó. Each and every one of the worlds included within High Jewelry were present in a space in line with the exclusive essence of the jewelry that belongs to each declination.

An exceptional display of extraordinary pieces whose creation process, from the most exquisite selection of raw materials, through design, to the know-how of our master jewelers, makes it possible to achieve the highest level of excellence and each jewel to be totally unique and unrepeatable.