Día del Padre | Joyería Suaez

Discover how Suarez has made his creations become authentic symbols of craftsmanship to mark the beginning of new legacies.

Since Emiliano Suarez Faffián founded the first Suarez workshop store in Bilbao, three generations of the family have worked for more than 80 years to make each of their creations transcend the simple materiality of a jewel and become true receptacles. of the most important moments in your clients' lives.

One of these great occasions is Father's Day, since it becomes the perfect time to make an exhaustive selection of jewelry for him, authentic beginnings of a legacy that will pass generations and become part of other lives and moments.

From the design approach always connected with the values and history of Suarez, through the selection of materials and precious stones that will be part of the designs, to the artisanal construction of each of the pieces with the masterful hand of its expert jewelers.

The care, detail and determination invested in each phase of the process means that giving a Suarez jewel for Father's Day is actually giving a unique and unrepeatable moment that will last over time and will remain forever in the family legacy.