This Mother's Day we have prepared a selection of unique jewelry handcrafted by our experts. Authentic symbols of love, respect and admiration that will turn this day into an unforgettable memory.

In addition, along with the campaign we also present Sota de Suarez, a unique collection that comes from one of the great icons in our history. The main inspiration, which also gives the collection its name, comes from the emblematic Sota building in Bilbao. An imposing building in the Bilbao expansion where our flagship store in the city where Suarez was born as a jewelry house is located in 1943.

To develop this collection, our design team has collected some of the most characteristic elements of this emblem of regionalist architecture from the 1920s to transform them and give them a new meaning. From the window borders to other decorative elements on the columns, they move to different rings, earrings and stackable bracelets in 18K yellow gold with brilliant-cut white diamonds and other options in 925 silver.

Jewelry with contemporary silhouettes that serve as a continuation of Stamps de Suarez, our recently presented collection also inspired by some architectural elements of the Sota building in Bilbao. Small pieces of history turned into jewels that perfectly represent the extensive legacy of Suarez as a Spanish jewelry house.