We celebrate the launch of the new Suarez logo by reviewing its aesthetic evolution from 1943 to today.

Without a doubt one of our most representative symbols is the surname that gives its name to the brand and therefore shapes our visual identity.

Like each and every one of our icons, the Suarez logo has evolved over the years, adapting to luxury trends at all times without leaving aside the essence of what Don Emiliano Suárez Faffián started in 1943.

Logo Suarez
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During the following years, the year of foundation was suppressed again, a way of praising the proximity of the 80th anniversary so that the family name itself would contain the meaning of the 8 decades of history Suarez.

A prelude to the new logo that we are launching now, with an aesthetic refined to the maximum, aligned with the trends of contemporary luxury and that with a single glance manages to combine everything we want to transmit through our creations and the great team behind it. of them.

A clear example of excellence, transparency and contemporaneity that, although it may undergo slight modifications, will continue to maintain the family essence and the best jewelery know-how.