Discover the renewal of great timeless icons of generational jewelry through gemstones of natural origin.

Suarez digs once again into his iconic archive to present SELLOS DE SUAREZ, a new collection of rings, pendants and cufflinks whose design has been created taking direct inspiration from some of the elements of luxury residential architecture that appear in the Sota building. where the Suarez flagship boutique in Bilbao is located.

As a great differentiating element, in the jewelry of this new collection precious stones such as lapis lazuli, onyx or malachite appear embraced by details that emulate the chamfers and other details of the façade of the historic building built in the 19th century.

The diamond, another of the great essentials of Suarez's imagination, also appears as a centerpiece in brilliant or emerald cut combined with onyx or malachite in rings, cufflinks and a pendant model.

As for precious metals, 18K yellow gold becomes the clear protagonist of the collection, although three hallmark models in 925 silver are also introduced.

The SELLOS DE SUAREZ collection is an example of adaptation to contemporary design. A way to materialize respect and admiration for the past to give life to new symbols designed to be maintained in the future.