El Diamante Suarez | Joyería Suarez

Suarez has 8 decades of success around the diamond, a precious stone that shines with unmatched splendor through each of its facets.

The diamond is undoubtedly one of Suarez's great pride, not only for its nature or its high quality, but for the meticulous search and selection process that exists behind each and every one of the specimens before they become part of the jewelry.

These quality standards when selecting precious stones are supported by the family, who with Don Benito Suárez at the helm, has been personally going to the international diamond markets in Antwerp, Bombay, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and New York for almost five decades. York to examine the pieces according to selection requirements based on cut, size, weight, color and purity that certify their excellence.

Every time a new batch of diamonds enters Suarez, the team of expert gemologists examines them one by one so that each specimen is aligned with the selection requirements based on the cut, size, weight, color and purity that certify their excellence. Following these rigorous criteria, in Suarez 99.5% percent are discarded.

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“The light of diamonds is what guides us; our maxim of life is quality”

Don Benito Suárez

All Suarez diamonds meet the conditions of the “Kimberley Treaty” (certification system for international trade in diamonds not from conflict countries).

In addition, all center diamonds from 0.20 carats are accompanied by an official international certification and have the certificate number laser engraved on the ring.

The Suarez diamond is, has been, and will continue to be, a key precious stone for the optimal development of our exciting career in the world of jewelry. A gem that, due to its extraordinary characteristics, will help us continue transmitting our values for at least 80 more years.

Our raw material speaks for itself. A precious stone that is pure light. This is the Suarez diamond.

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