Discover in depth our new collection inspired by the Sota building in Bilbao. The majestic construction that, since 1985, has housed our flagship boutique in the city where we were born.

The eight decades that the Suarez family has been dedicated to the world of jewelry have been marked by their origins. Along this path defined by excellence and know-how; Different places, elements and people have been key to forging the unmistakable aesthetic that has made us iconic.

Among them stands the imposing Sota de Bilbao building, a majestic construction in the Bilbao expansion that has housed our flagship store since 1985. This building, more than a mere enclave, has become an emblem rooted in the roots of our identity. 

Celebrating 80 years since Mr. Emiliano Suárez Faffián inaugurated the first store-workshop in Bilbao, our team of expert designers and artisans has given life to SOTA DE SUAREZ, a collection that weaves jewelry with the thread of time, creating a connection between the origin, the evolution and the present our house.

This launch is a tie that ties us more closely to our family history and the great milestones that have marked our future. A new way of appreciating the richness of our heritage, captured in jewelry designs that adapt to the contemporary luxury of the present moment.

To develop the designs that make up the SOTA DE SUAREZ collection, our team has carefully studied the architectural and ornamental elements of the façade of the Sota Building, selecting those that could be transformed into exquisite pieces of handmade jewelry.

The result is jewels that transcend the merely aesthetic to become fragments of history. Silent witnesses that represent Suarez's extensive legacy and demonstrate his versatile adaptation to each moment to remain icons in the future.

Timeless pieces, whose designs respect the codes of our origin and reflect the pride we feel in each element that has permeated our history to last over time.