Icons for Life


The legend of Louis XV of France returns once again through this symbol of greatness adapted to the present.

Legend has it that Louis XV of France commissioned a diamond to be cut inspired by the silhouette of the Marchioness of Pompadour's mouth. This marked the birth of the iconic marquise cut, which remains to this day either by recreating its silhouette with gems of other cuts, or directly with a single gem. A symbol of greatness impassive to time.

The collection is characterized by representing the marquise shape in the details of the jewelry. In each of them we will find this silhouette built from white gold and brilliant cut diamonds that are responsible for elevating it with their light and reflections.

To bring each of Marquise's jewelry to life, the entire assortment of gemstones with the same shade and quality is selected.

The most complicated thing is to ensure that the raw material is uniform and has harmony as a whole.